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Dinky Toys no.25B_DSCN0422_1.jpg

No.25B Covered Wagon

1934 - 1950

Type 1: Blue with Cream tilt (1934 - 1935).
Type 2: Green with Green, Cream or Yellow tilt. Fawn with Cream tilt. Orange with Green chassis and Cream tilt (1934 - 1946). Advertising pre-war only.
Type 3: Green, Green tilt. 2-tone Grey. Blue with Grey tilt (1947 - 1948).
Type 4: Green with Green tilt. 2-tone Grey. Cream with Red tilt. Yellow with Blue tilt (1948 - 1950). Types see model 25E

Dinky Toys no.25B_DSCN0410_1.jpg

No.25B Covered Wagon

Covered part not original on this picture. Different advertising on pre-war models: "Carter Paterson", "Meccano" or "Hornby Trains".

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