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Dinky Toys no.23A.JPG

No.23A Racing Car

Orange with Green, Yellow with Dark Blue, Cream with Red or Green, Red with Cream, White with Blue, Blue with White, Brown with Cream. From 1946 Red or Blue with Silver or Cream, Silver with Red. (In 1954 renumbered to 220)
1935 - 1954

3 paint shemes 1: 2nd colour in stripes along body sides. Some have coloured tyres.
2: Front flash is broad at nose to point before cockpit. Rear flash is of even thickness along tail.
3: Circle on nose, flash is broad at cockpit, point

Dinky Toys no.23A_1.JPG

Dinky Toys no.23A_2.JPG

Dinky Toys no.23A_3.JPG

Dinky Toys no.23A_4.JPG

Dinky Toys no.23A_5.JPG

Dinky Toys no.23A_6.JPG

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