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Atlas Dinky Toys 2008

The Swiss-French Atlas publishing house launched a new edition of various French Dinky Toys models in the 2008. The selling takes place at subscribers in French-speaking countries (France and Belgium).

It concerns rather accurate copies of the French models out of the 50's and 60's-years. They are manufactured in China. The models can easily differentiated. The base of the new models are marked with: "Made in China" "Edition ATLAS, © Mattel".

It is not well-known, as many models are produced. Some of the Atlas models I have listed below:
See them in the Picture Gallery

23H   Talbot Lago
24B   Peugot 403 'Berline'
24CP Citroen DS 19
24E   Renault Dauphine
24H   Mercedes 190SL (526)
24J    Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint
24K   Simca Vedette 'Chambord'
24M   VW Karmann-Ghia
24N   Citroen 11 CV
24Q   Ford Vedette
24R   Peugot 203
24S   Simca 8 Sport
24U   Simca Aronde
24V   Buick Roadmaster
24Y   Studebaker Commander
25BV Peugeot D3A 'Cibié'
25BV Peugeot Fourgon Postal 75 ème anniversaire
25CG Camionnette Citroen 'Gervais'
25CJ  Citroen Dinky Toys 75 ème anniversaire
40      Road Signs
49D    Poste de ravitaillement

105   Triumph TR2 Sports
181   VW 1100
517   Renault R8
518   Renault 4L
522   Citroen DS 19
524G Renault Dauphine 1093 (Gordini)
531   Fiat 1200 Granluce
532   Lincoln 'Premiere'
533   Mercedes Benz 300 SE
543   Renault Floride
546   Austin Healey 100
546   Opel Rekord Taxi
547   Panhard PL 17
548   Fiat 1800 Familiale
553   Peugeot 404
554   Opel Rekord (South-African Edition)
555   Ford Thunderbird
558   Citroen 2CV
563   Renault Estafette Pick-Up
584   Camion Bache 'GAK' Berliet
832   Assortiment de pneus (tires)

Written by Stefan Truttmann.

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